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Let Reason Prevail

Changing people for the better means turning them 180 degrees.  Or changing the world around them One Degree.

We know America's strong cultural inclinations toward individualism and liberty often ignores the enormous cost -- to individuals and society as a whole --  of leaving us at the mercy of our own worst inclinations and commercial interests who cater to them.

But the response shouldn't be shrill.  We should admit that campaigns that alternately scare, cheerlead or chide us into taking better care of ourselves, each other and the environment can only take us so far, while fueling the ire and derision of our critics.

So One Degree Strategies is dedicated to persuading decision makers to complement "persuasion campaigns" with science-based approaches to changing the environment around us.  It's not the Nanny State -- call it the Nurture State.  Call it "upstream social marketing."  Behavioral science tells us that making even small changes in our social and physical world can make a big difference for the better.

Turning people's behavior 180 degrees is hard, expensive work.  We'll work with non-profit, foundation, government, progressive companies -- and America's decision makers  -- to create more One Degree solutions.